The military’s new robot is scary as hell! Blaine’s POV

I question a lot of decisions made by the military and I think it’s normal to do so, especially when you’ve spent years living in exile thanks to a corrupt government and its makeshift army of drones known as Purifiers. The United States Military’s latest invention, however; has got me having flashbacks from old horror movies. I’m talking about the kind of films your parents forbid you from watching but you snuck out of bed and watched anyway, so of course you had nightmares. The United States has created a robot that is fueled by consuming living organisms!

Their reasoning for the existence of this machine, known as the Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATR), is that it can create usable green power from renewable, plentiful plant matter. It can also provide intense material support to units requiring intensive labor or even help by carrying the unit’s packs. When you look at that way, it sounds like the eco-friendly EATR could be extremely beneficial, as there are a wide range of commercial and agricultural uses for it.

I’m not saying that the EATR won’t be used for practical purposes, but I feel I should mention that it was also designed for reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition or casualty extraction. Technically it could track a living organism and then eat it and that’s the part that gives me the willies. There’s just something unsettling about a government robot putting a living target under surveillance when its capable of devouring that target. And by “casualty extraction,” that clearly means that it can eat carcasses too.

I’m well aware that the desecration and/or abuse of a corpse is strictly forbidden, but there are a lot acts that are “forbidden” by our government or society that blatantly occur all the time. My point is that the EATR has a few disturbing functions that the military is swearing it won’t be used for. So, I guess that means we’re supposed to trust them and take their word at face value. Well, I’m not feeling uneasy about that at all! *Wipes sweat from brow.* Below is a link to the article about the EATR. Feel free to skim it over and tell me what you think. Am I being paranoid or should we be watching our fleshy backs a little more?

Blaine Henderson

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