Ideas for a lazy Saturday-Julio’s book recommendation

As some of you already know, I have long since confessed to being a book worm. It seems to surprise a lot of people, so evidently I don’t look like someone who reads. Years of fighting for survival in the desert and battling Purifiers will give you a hardened, tough guy image, I suppose. . Anyway, I came across an interesting new sci-fi novel that I think you nerds will enjoy.

Time’s Relative by Debbie DeLouise

It’s the fall of 1998, and librarian Samantha Stewart is looking for a new job. After seeing an ad for a high-paying position at a company called Virtual Software that entails research and travel, Sam investigates the company and learns that its president has gone missing, and that it’s currently being run by the vice-president Greg Parsons.

Before Sam makes it to the interview, she’s visited by a strange woman who introduces herself as Jane Oldsfield: a time traveler whose mission Greg Parsons is trying to prevent.

Sam ignores the woman and goes on the job interview anyway. Soon, she finds herself involved not only with Greg Parsons, but also Philip Montmart, a chain-smoking detective with a vendetta for his wife’s killer, and the time-traveling Oldsfield and her feline accomplice.

Witnessing world events that have yet to happen in her lifetime, including 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, Y2K hysteria and the COVID pandemic, can Samantha figure out Oldsfield’s plans?

“So, why are you blogging about this book, Julio?” One might ask. Well, other than the fact that the cover is gorgeous, DeLouise has a ridiculously inventive imagination. She’s got a knack for taking a new concept and stretching it to an entirely different realm of possibilities. Her writing is fresh, scary and unpredictable and her characters are relatable. Sam is a divorcee looking for a fresh start and a better life like so many Americans and it makes you want to root for her. I also enjoyed her novel “Memory Makers.” It was suspenseful as hell and very original.

So, if you’re still nervous around crowds because of Covid, curl up with a good read. Never underestimate the raw power of books. When I first discovered the joy of reading, I was a homeless teenager living in a tent, hunting small animals and dumpster diving. My friend and “roommate” went back to the city life and the comfort of a warm bed, but she left me her books. It was one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me. I was often cold, wet and hungry out in the middle of nowhere but I had never felt so free in my life. I’ll leave you with a quote I heard from a wise old man: “Before you speak, think and before you think, read!”

Julio Garza

2 thoughts on “Ideas for a lazy Saturday-Julio’s book recommendation

  1. Debbie says:

    Thanks so much for hosting a spot on my blog tour and the nice comments you made about my writing.

  2. Debbie says:

    One thing. Sam isn’t divorced. She’s broken up with her boyfriend, but they were never married. Also, my last name has a space: De Louise. No big deal. Loved your comments.

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