Texas water crisis hits close to home

As most of you are aware, Texas is facing a tremendous hardship and I’m not talking about Covid. The state’s unusually cold weather has not only caused electrical outages but an extreme shortage of water. Although electricity has been mostly been restored, nearly half of the state’s population do not have access to clean running water. Bottled water has become nearly impossible to come by and many residents have resorted to boiling snow.

It’s difficult to fathom something like this happening when our natural resources seem infinite. When you turn on your sink or shower and water is always there, you take it for granted, but Texans are getting a crude reminder of how fragile and unpredictable this can be. Unless you have a fallout shelter in the ground stocked with nonperishables, it’s hard to prepare for this type of situation. It’s terrible enough that much of the state was without power for days and 60 people lost their lives because of it. Now they’re struggling to obtain one of our most precious, life sustaining resources.

While some politicians have stepped up and helped raised relief money, Texas’ own Senator responded by taking a vacation to Mexico, further proving that we can’t always count on our political leaders in times of need. I wish I could do more to help Texas. I’d like to deliver massive quantities of water to them, not that anyone would want me driving a tractor trailer cross country because my night vision is terrible. In reality I am one person with limited resources, but in times like these, we should care about the suffering of others. The world has gotten away from that. We tend to only be cognizant of others if they belong to our circle of family and friends.

A natural resource crisis could happen to anyone anywhere and if you’re on the receiving end, you’d want someone lending you a hand so I’m including a link to organizations that are collecting donations for the water crisis victims. Please help if you can.

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