Can we calling stop rioters “protestors”?

Let me start by saying that this country has MANY things it needs to change. The unlawful killing of George Floyd last May sparked a white hot rage within me but what ignited an equal amount of fury was the looting, violence and homicides that followed and continue to occur across the country.

I know some of you think you’re making a grand statement by torching businesses and assaulting each other but you’re not. You’re angry that there are crooked members of law enforcement, such as Derek Chauvin unjustly killing and harming members of minority groups, as you should be, but ask yourself this: If I’m harming or killing innocent people in return, how am I any better?

You’re destroying businesses that are largely owned by African Americans and other minority groups so you’re actually harming the people you claim to be standing up for. In Chicago 18 homicides were committed the weekend after Mr. Floyd was killed, marking May 31st as Chicago’s most violent day in 60 years. So we’re “protesting” an unjust murder by committing more murders? Yeah, that makes sense. And to whoever threw a rock at a police horse in Dallas and broke its nose, you’re not a protestor. You’re a piece of shit.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for protesting and advocating for change., but when you add violence and unchanneled hatred into the mix, your message becomes distorted and you only add to the problem. This world has entirely too much violence and hatred already. If you want to be heard and taken seriously, channel your anger into something constructive. Use your voice and get people to listen.

Skylar Henderson

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