Josh’s warning-“Beware of Nestle!”

Nestle wants to siphon public water and sell it back to you!

I know this may seem a little hard to believe from your perspective and I get that. Really, I do. You’re living in 2019 and natural resources haven’t been completely privatized yet. You get to shower regularly and drink from the faucet, things you take for granted until they’re gone. You can still go fishing in lakes and rivers because they’re not surrounded by barbed wire, but it isn’t going to last!

I’m from the future, the 2040’s to be more precise and one thing you need to realize is that a deadly snow storm starts with a single flake. Nestle has recently laid plans to plunder 1.1 million gallons of water a day from Ginnie Springs in Florida. The purpose? To take this publicly owned water and sell it back to the public.

Not only is this a double punch to the wallet because the restoration of Ginnie Springs was funded with taxpayer money after it was damaged from dumping, but it could also harm the ecosystem. There are several species of turtles that nest along the riverbanks. So, this billion dollar corporation apparently believes that citizens should purchase the water they already own when they’ve already paid to restore this source of  water.

Believe me when I say this won’t stop here. Some of these giant corporations act like they own the world and everything in it. I was once a normal guy like you. I had a 9 to 5 job, a beautiful wife, and a nice home. I blinked one day and I was living in a shack in the middle of the desert, burying cans in the ground for water and hunting snakes. Take my advice and prepare yourself and stand up for yourself. Let your voice be heard!


Joshua Wyman

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