When the Chips Are Down–Brooklyn's point of view

My name is Brooklyn Wytowski.  It seems like only yesterday I had a normal life, mostly because I spent the past two years in a coma and my life was what you’d call ‘normal’ before my accident.  Now I’ve woken up to an entirely different world; the old world somehow vanished in my sleep.  Our set of laws were already invasive enough without a mandatory microchip law.  Who wants a piece of metal and plastic inserted in their body that tracks their whereabouts?  

If that’s not bad enough, Trent is convinced that this microchip somehow controls people’s thinking and influences their behavior.  The notion alone isn’t just invasive, it’s downright terrifying! The staff at the hospital did seem kind of strange.  They were very robotic and apathetic, but a lot of doctors and nurses are like that anyway.  

 I hope he’s wrong or that he’s just exaggerating, but he’s not a melodramatic person.  It’s not like he, Zane, and Caleb would abandoned their jobs and homes and move to the middle of nowhere if they didn’t think something was seriously wrong.  

Trent just picked me up from the hospital and we’re on our way back to his new Montana farmhouse.  I’m not looking forward to sleeping in the back of his truck the whole time and not even being able to buy anything from a gas station on the way.  I really want a cup of coffee and some Oreo’s.Image  It’s too much for me to even try to figure out right now.  All I want to do is sleep.


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